Wednesday, March 21, 2012

About my latest achievements

Well, after a long time with my blog out-of-date, I have some good news: I'm joining ThoughtWorks Brazil!
I passed for a long but enjoyable and challenging hiring process, with many interviews that evaluated not only my technical skills, but also my personal profile, such as my personality, aptitude, attitude and integrity. It was the first time I felt really assessed during a process to join a company (although I haven't have many experiences with hiring process – TW will be my first job!).
For those who don’t know, ThoughtWorks is a global IT consultancy that is really well known in the software development community. It’s being one of global leaders in enterprise Agile development services and seems to work really hard to attract and keep just the brightest, passionate and talented people working there! They take pride on their hiring process and now I understand why. ThoughtWorks inspires companies and professionals around the world by delivering high quality projects and contributing to open source projects.

 I have recently accepted their offer and I’m going to start with the company in June, with an awesome opportunity of going to India to be a trainer in an “immersion” process called ThoughtWorks University. It’ll be six weeks learning, facing challenges, and meeting awesome people from different nationalities and culture! I’m really excited to be joining a company with an amazing culture and working with so many brilliant minds!
I had a great time here at INPE, where I had the chance to learning a lot during this year of experience, but now it’s time to give a step ahead and face this opportunity to move from Sao Paulo to Porto Alegre to gain maturity and have the responsibility of live alone, and the most important: to start my professional career in a company like ThoughtWorks - I could not ask for a better learning experience!
I intend to post here my experiences while I’m in Bangalore and when I have a time for it!
So, that’s it! Wish me luck! =)


  1. I wish you the best thingies, you deserve! :)

  2. Hi there.

    Just came across your blog, and loved how you explained Agile and all that, especially since it's an area I've recently been researching in more detail. I especially liked that you linked to several other books relating to Agile, as I have been wondering what books to get. Thank you for all the information. :)

    That being said though - and I hope you don't mind - I'm wondering if you are able to spare some time to describe your experiences in regards to the hiring process.

    I'll be having my final stage interview at ThoughtWorks pretty soon, and I'm hoping to hear a little more about it - in particular what topics may come up in the technical interview, especially since I think you joined the organization as an analyst, judging from your posts. I, myself, would be joining as a QA should I get in.

    This may be a bit late as well, but congratulations on entering ThoughtWorks. :D


  3. Hi!
    It's nice to hear it from you! I'm glad to know that my blog is being useful for other people!
    I'm also fresh in this area, and I've started to write in this blog as a way to share what I've been learning!
    About ThoughtWorks, thank you for the congrats! =)
    I don't have so much to say about the TW's hiring process... They will assess your skills through some tests and interviews, but don't worry! It will be cool, very challenging and fun! Be prepared for an awesome day!

    Good luck! :D